Palestine before Genocide began
Take a look at what was, There is nothing like what was in Palestine today all due to the Zionists their murderous, power mad genocide for land theft – ”Theft’ is somehow so minimal a word.
The desecration of the Palestinian people by the Zionist and propped up  by US Taxpayer Billion$$$ is a disgrace to the human race. It is …

Woodpecker Downey Female -alert

Picoides pubescens the sweet little year round Downey Woodpecker, female dinning at the suet chamber.  It’s really a treat to have this pair of Downey’s around… i haven’t seen them for a few days so i suspect some nursing is going on…

The Girls above and the Guys below

Always watching!
Pix are from 2009

House Finch (home-birds)

i really appreciate having two pair of  these sweet friendly little birds year round… seems like there’s more than two pair as we head into Summer and the fledges are out.

The Male House Finch is kinda like a poor mans Cardinal.

only 3 feet from the Camera lens of my Canon Digital SX 200 power shot.

curious behavior for a well bred …

Dark Eyed Juncos – quite a surprise

The Dark Eyed Junco is a unique sparrow – Junco hyemalis –  of which there are half a dozen subspecies; Oregon,  pink sided, gray headed, slate, white winged and its very difficult to distinguish them with a short vision of them… they are also prone to cross breeding – what would Darwin say?   These Junco’s, ( 2 distinct pair) were …

Lazuli Buntings 05.26.07 in the sanctuary

i shot about 20 pix on two visits by these two
Lazuli Buntings

Blue Jay blue

Quite the Character the Blue Jay – this is Cyanocitta cristata differs greatly from the Western Scrub Jay.
I had a really superb marvelous magical  experience with a Blue Scrub Jay in California, specifically Encino, CA the Bev Hills of the San Fernando Valley where i grew up.
One day while going into the garage where the Peanuts for the 4 or …

Brown Thrasher/s VA & MT

Visiting Civil War historical sites is also good for Birding.  i saw my first Brown Thrasher – Toxostoma rufum – at Chancellorsville battle field. It was a hard shot to get; these birds don’t stand in one place very long.

I was quite shocked to see a Brown Thrasher,  my second, in my back yard sanctuary the first morning back from …

Spotted Towhee in my bird sanctuary

05.13.10, looked out the window and BINGO a Spotted Towhee – my first Pipilo Manculatus montanus .  There was a pair this is the Male.  The tail feathers are the distinguishing factor for the 4 species and these tail feathers aren’t showing what one would expect…hybridization does occur in the Great Plains.

American Goldfinch in my bird sanctuary

Carduelis tristis in this case a Breeding Female American Goldfinch is dinning  on seeds – no doubt on her way to the breeding grounds.  She didn’t stay long but was very glad she stopped in.
The Cardueline Male finches interestingly when need be defend the female rather than the nest. They go throw some sexual acrobatics to get the female to …

Lazuli Bunting … not Blue Grosbeak

Well i miss identified this as a Lazuli Bunting at first but when publishing the Lazuli Bunting from ’07 a few minutes ago i realized i have miss marked – and thanks to Ruth Vanderhorst on today’s local birding event to the Indian Caves (06.08.10) she took a gander in my camera and suggested it might be a Blue Grosbeak …