The Military culture of arrogance and corruption

in my opinion: The Tillman Cover-up is just like the desanctioning of Truth and Accountability. It’s not a matter of his being fired/removed from the mission (ha ha) (tho only Congress can take his Stars away) he should be in prison. Serving time for his lying cover up.
We are a nation of Laws not of men doing what they can …

Pheasants beneath the Rim

Oh what a handsome dude this guy was.  Nice of him to hold still just a little bit longer!!!

shot with my trusty  Canon SX 200 12x

Cardinals at 7707 McGarity Rd Falls Church, VA

The house we rented in Falls Church for the wedding parties came with this gorgeous Cardinal and his ever present mate. Their call is constant, loud and distinctly pleasing. And everywhere you go there’s a resident cardinal announcing his territory.

sure love my Canon SX 200 !
some cardinal science to go here when i get back ♦

Wedding Pix Renee and Tom 05.08.10

One of my favorite Flower Girls, Sophia – she scrarffed up the Bridal Bouquets.

My lovely Twin Sisters Marlene (pink) and Colleen (stripe) just after the wedding and before the main course… held at the Algonquin Regional Park, VA.

Four of my all time favorite ♥ Women there in the middle of Renee’s wedding party.

Nice looking crew ! We had such a …

Family members / DC / Wedding

  • June 23rd, 2010
  • Posted by William Crain
  • Family

Meet Isabel – She’s 6 y/o now Finally ! sitting outside the house in Falls Church, VA though we call it DC for short.

Sophia, still 4 yrs old is performing her routine while sister ‘Belle sings a lovely tune – out back of the DC house.

this isn’t ending well – the Queen of Drama, Sophia, is giving me the “look” …

Colonel Ann Wright in Billings, MT 05.16.10

♥ Ann Wright Billings Final post
♣  The above is the Billings Gazette Article

A couple of pix of Ann Wright delivering her message 05.16.10 to the full Fellowship Hall of Billings Unitarian Universalist bldg. ’bout 50 + people came for the 2.5 our dialogue on the Middle East and her passage aboard the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in the weeks to come.

and …

i love my new website and blog

Mrs. Maria Chino and her husband Richard have really made this an enjoyable experience … putting the Art Gallery together and step by step walking me thru this really fun Blogging Experience.
I’m very proud and pleased with Williams Studio Gallery and Blog from stem to stern this is really the way to sail the cyber seas.
Maria Chino Jones
Creative Director
RM Jones …

Yellow Warbler Indian Caves field wk

this gem of a bird, Dendroica petechia, is dazzling in its yellow coat streaking through the air… not so easy to take pix of in the field.

i’ll take what i can get photo wise but this next one is a sweet story.
My daughter took the Pix but i looked for an found the nest which was right out the bathroom …

Yellow-Breasted Chat field work

Icteria virens is heard more often than seen, and especially now that its numbers are dwindling for this ‘one of a kind’ genus within the Wood Warbler family.  A family that was lumped with many other birds in 1980 and split off in 1998 as a the Largest and most unusal of warblers. This was a long photo shot… but …

Save MK Haneen Zoabi from the Zionists

This E notice below gives pretty clear details about the Zionist mentality: see them trash ONE Voice (MK Zoabi)(link above) see them trash the Palestinian people with the same dispatch… many videos to choose from…
An Appeal to Parliamentarians Worldwide
June 09, 2010
On June 7, 2010, the Knesset House Committee of the Israeli parliament voted by a majority …