American Kestrel

Bird Watching up the Stillwater River (the Stilly) my birding buddy and i spotted this Waaaaaaaay kewl Am Kestrel. Seems like there were two and probably both were feeding the young’ns

Just an absolutely beautiful and dramatic bird. i think this is a female as the wings aren’t the deep steel color of the male.
Whereas this Kestrel has dark steel wings …

Cliff Swallows Indian Caves 06.14.10

i’m shooting about 400 ft up a cliff wall using a tripod… and full 12x power with my Canon SX 200 …

You can see one cliff swallow entering it’s nest and another exiting its nest. i’m sure there’s a brood in side with a huge appetite causing a lot of in and out performances.

Howdy Neighbor, want some babies swallows ? …

White Breasted Nuthatch Fall ’09 Silesia, MT

Wow i was so amazed to see this bird… quite different from my homey Red Breasted Nuthatches.  It’s on one of Billie’s feeders out in Silesia, MT after a successful Deer hunt on Rock Creek. Very kewl bird.  Sitta carolinensis is one of the few birds who uses tools. Its called a nuthatch due to its behavior of putting nut/food …

Vesper Sparrow in the Pryor Mtns 6.21.10

Pooecetes gramineus often seen sitting on open country areas like the western slopes of the Pryor Mtns

Here’s a Happy Vesper !

cute huh? kinda looks like it has a mini crest but the books don’t say anything about a crest so i guess it’s just the wind.

Canyon Wren on Rock 06.14.10 at the Indian Caves

The Canyon Wren is heard more than seen. Catherpes mexicanus has a special built head spine design.  It’s very flattened head attaches to the spine at the top of the base of the skull for deep bobbing for tasty arthropods in rock crevices – gulp.

i’m guessing this is a female – none of the books i have show or describe …

discussion before and after Letters of Public Record for NCFRR

Good evening or morning depending on your zone.  Thank you Erin for your excellent Letter for the Public Record, I understand…however this is a Working Class issue. Like the Eight Hour day. 

I do not believe it is possible to arrange polemics with Fascist Capitalist Pigs.  No amount of our progressive wit will change the minds of …

National Commission on Fiscal Responcibility and Reform, to, for the Public Record

To the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform:
As a 65 year old citizen, father of two daughters, 2 grand kids and one in the oven, disabled Viet Nam combat infantry Veteran, Stone Carver/Artist I deeply resent this insidious DLC Neo-Liberal court of Capitalist Kangaroos to lay their murderous bloody hands on Social Security and Medicare. Not now, Not ever.
Cut …

i was born an atheist, as was everyone.

my pitch to ReligionAtheist Article6.25.10
i happened on this web site blog quite by accident… my pitch to the article could not be included in comments to the article – because god is messing with the cyber strings.
i’m actually surprised at these Non Atheists telling us atheists where we fit in… it’s up there with Jews for Jesus, One Way and …

Red Breasted Nuthatches – Sitta canadensis

i think if i had to come back as a bird the Nuthatch would be my choice. If nothing else but to frustrate Photographers. These little birds are fast and they don’t hang out long.

This is the more typical position one would find a full grown Nuthatch 4.5 inches big… going head down a log or tree searching for food.

As …

criminal to give humanitarian aid, ok to pay the Taliban?

Help me here, please.  So it’s now a crime to bring human survival necessities to the enslaved of Palestine but it’s fine to pay the Taliban big sums of money not to attack ??? i don’t get it.
Recent Supreme Court decisions would indicate the members and probably their families are terrorists for taking humanitarian aid to a people subjected …