Check out these Talons!  the anisodactyl (3 front toes 1 back toe) feet of the Accipitrids are built mean and lean.

Coopers Hawk up close ‘n personal

The orange eye tells me this is a mature Coopers Hawk. Juvenile’s have a Yellow Iris as well as other differences.
i find it can be difficult to distinguish the Sharp-shinned Hawk from the Coopers Hawk. The Coopers is bigger in general coloring is virtually similar. Sharpies have longer leggings (feathering down the tibia). i’m fortunate to have had a grand …

Coopers Hawk Caught Red Taloned

i gotta tell ya this was a trip photographing these scenes.  There is a pane of glass between the camera lens and the Guest who pursued, caught, killed and Act IV – dinning on fillet of sparrow,  that puts a slight softness where it might otherwise be a bit more ‘crisp’ …

Coopers Hawk caught in the act

this is a good view of her – long barred (rounded) tail, finishing off a tasty feathered morsel.

Coopers Hawk/”chicken hawk”/ Top of the Food Chain

Blood on the Talons – an ecological wonder works itself out – the “food chain” is a remarkable feature in nature.
Here, out my bathroom window, shrouded in patio/garden/ green shading fabric hides me and my arrow a Canon SX 200 IS – 12x – this baby will reach out there  or close in for more detail…and you can carry it …

Coopers Hawk a real ‘top gun’

This Coopers Hawk i believe is a Female; i don’t see how it could be much bigger. The Accipitridaes exhibit a strong Reverse Sexual Dimorphism, where the Female is noticeably larger than the kewl Blue Gray male.  Accipiters generally dine on other birds. This young ladyHawk shows up around my feeder station every so often – The potential prey is …

Coopers Hawk in the feeding arena

Why does he/she look around – Dessert? certainly not from any avian danger.

Cynicism, Optimism, Pessimism

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acLW1vFO-2Q   i’ve put this link on my Links sec if it doesn’t work for you here.
here’s the work being discussed :  http://seminal.firedoglake.com/diary/63968#Respond
It’s interesting to be sure… i think the Carlin piece is most appropriate – i don’t feel or think Carlin a Cynic but a Comedian telling truth to power.
My original post to the Fire Dog Lake diary was modified …

the Disease of Jaded Cynicism my post Darwin26 to link http://seminal.firedoglake.com/diary/63968#Respond

We are Slaves. We await a Spartacus.
We are Exploited and we are corralled and exploited more and more. The ‘odd man out’ is Social Darwinism alive and well, the Working Class can only labor. Economic Conscription isn’t anything to be optimistic about and surely bailouts are saving the rich at the expense of the Working Class. We fund thru our …

G-kd B-day Party 06.05.10 Billings, Montana

  • July 27th, 2010
  • Posted by William Crain
  • Family

Sweetest Happiest Girl everyday, Isabel is such a Joy; And a brilliant artist too.

water balloon toss
Threee Leggged Rayce

This was a new experience and these young’ns did swell job of entertaining the so called ‘Grown-up’s

And Finally the Opening of the Loot – not pictured to protect the innocent are the Party Goer’s spralled on the grass, Inebriated from all the fun …