Orange Flicker

The Northern Flicker  Red/Yellow/combinations
i have 4 Northern Flickers that frequent my feeder daily year round currently. Two females and two males. i’m pretty sure this fine looking gent of a Flicker is the daddy – i miss him, as you can see he’s gorgeous. The Colaptes auratus is the cross breeder between the Yellow shafted and the Red shafted. i …

Northern Flicker – Golden Yellow

Northern Flicker and a perfect example of ‘Introgressant’ … where by the combination of Yellow and Red are very mixed especially in the variations about the head region. The Yellow N. Flicker has a ‘V’ in the back of its head and the Red has a Red malar (the area from beak under the eye) many males show black and …

Red Breasted Nuthatch – kewl little bird indeed

lucky pic of the Red Breasted Nuthatch in ‘take-off’ mode – what a determined kewl look he has … i do have one pic of a baby from this last Spring – i hope to get better this Spring.

Red Breasted Nuthatch at my feeder

get a look at those nails ! (really fingers) on this male Red Breasted Nuthatch.  It appears he has a piece of raw peanut in it’s tiny bill. He may take it and put it in a crevice where it can peck it/hatch down to smaller sizes.

Red Breasted Nuthatch – the kewlest little bird …

Red Breasted Nuthatch
i love watching them – just amazing watching them work head down or up – some birds like being upside down which these Sittae canadensis are only 1 of 25 species in 2 genera found throughout N Hemis and 1 of 4 species of 1 genera breeding in N.A  aside from the taxonomy their beautiful steel blue/green coat …

Eastern King Bird from my pix in the field

This was taken near the Stillwater River, MT. – what a great Birding area.  Quite unmistakable in the open areas (Genus Tyrannus) has no problem taking on Hawks – to protect its territory.

Cedar Waxwing – look’n at ya

What a fun day this was – lots of different species come for the water dish. i hope to have running water someday. It has really boosted my bird species count. last month i had about 300 robins on one day – coming for water.

Cedar Waxwing one of the prettiest of all birds

i’m hoping a male Cedar Waxwing visits – in fact i’m hoping a giant flock lands in my birding sanctuary that’d be way kewl. They are one of the latest nesting birds in N A – probably due to the mid-summer fruit crop harvest.  They select mates by similar ages

Cedar Waxwing at the year round Water Dish

This appears to be a female Cedar Waxwing…the Eye Stripe ends at the eye whereas the black liner goes beyond the eye of the Male.
Enjoying some water in my birding sanctuary.

Cedar Waxwing in my backyard

Bird Watchers Bonus !
Traveling with a ‘mix-of-flocks’ this female Cedar Waxwing graced my bird sanctuary. Called Waxwings due to a waxy substance that appears at the tips of their secondary feathers in adults; caused by a dietary trait that cannot be synthesized which translates into the yellowtail rim and the aforementioned red waxy stuff.
There are 3 Bombycillidae  passeriformes two of …