American Goldfinch ~ Carduelis tristis

The first sight of these Bright Yellow Birds will knock your Eyes out! Stunning – and their songs ‘n Calls are very sweet.

This song bird is a seed eater, thistle and shown here with sun flower seeds.

These are all male Am Goldfinches, the female lacks the black cap is clearly duller but still she stands out in a crowd.

i’m very …

Head turned back on itself.

They have retained such a resemblance to their prehistoric ancestors. As noted in the Feb issue of Nat’l Geographic. Evolution of the Feather…such a mystery.

Can you blend in

Can you see the Blue Jay ???   I see and hear them almost everyday. Flying in – from off in the distance, landing on various perches before hitting the Peanuts. Picking up one peanut, putting it down, a few times, seemingly to be some kind  of  ‘shopper’ , then they will carry off two peanuts stuffed in their black …

Blue Jay’s – a very handsome bird

Blue Jays really do it for me. i’m so very fortunate to have 4 of them year round for the last 2 Winters (Billings,Montana). We communicate with one another… i mimic which ever one is willing or already chattering… whistling a little code and listening for them to mimic the sound back… They are such a great entertainment for me. …

Blue Jay

Blue Jay ~ Cyanocitta cristata, a very distinguished character within the Corvidae family. The Corvidae family includes Ravens, Crows many Jays, and Magpies.
in my backyard bird watering dish

Common Ravens

Common Ravens
They’re a real nice pair of Ravens who seem to make it to the feeding grounds 5 out of 7 days a week.  Don’t know where the go. Don’t know where any of them go  for a day or a few days..then back again. By the end of March the House Finch population dwindled to the 3 pair i …

Common Raven

Common Raven  [Corvus corvax] our largest Corvid.
i’m very fortunate to have a pair this last couple of years. I was leary of feeding them at first – not wanting to encourage a flock of any size. They seem to have adapted well. They mind their manners and I’ve never seen them on the seed feeder. They like the unsalted whole …

Sandhill Cranes 3

Sandhill Crane – Grus canadensis comes from the Gruinae family, looking similar to storks, herons and flamingos, it is only a distant connection in the Order Gruiformes; they’re closer related to the Limkins and Rails. All Cranes engage in the complex dance displays.  Territorial, Monogamous, mate for life, and are known to live a long time. They eat a wide …

Sandhill Cranes 2

i was with one of my art gallery comrades and hunting partner John, doing some work out at Billie’s place, and when leaving i spotted them in the field off of hi-way 312. My heart jumped out they were bouncing up and down twirling in the air – flapping and posturing.

Sandhill Cranes

What a wonderful sight this was – catching this pair of  Sandhill Cranes in full mating ritual dance.