Industrial Workers of the World

i’m not sure what will go in here just yet…but it will revolve around our Tee Vee program The Wobblies Show } Exploring Economic and Social Justice/LIVING WAGE i have really enjoyed the Industrial Worker news paper and the GOB (general ofc bulletin) i’ll have some stuff to send them soon – you’ll hear it first here. The Headlines are Blockade Israeli shipping at the ‘ports’ of the world.


Jim Del Duca our local IWW delegate and Co-host for our Public Access Television program is leaving for Bozeman as he and his wife, Aria, have been accepted to Grad School at MSU (?) Bozeman …  its a big loss on my selfish part but a big step for Jim and his family.  i wish them the very best and hope he can transubstantiate himself here for each tapping.

We are however soldiers of this movement and the Show must go on.

We are on Ch 7 (if you are lucky enuff to be a Bresnan subscriber) Wednesday evenings 5:30 PM.

We tape every other Wednesday at 2:30 PM if you’d like to be a guest or raise a subject, will get you noticed.

Last Wednesday we taped 28.5 min with Joan Hurdle revolving around Transportation local, state and world events.

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