About me

Here I am photographed by my GrandKd ‘Belle with some of my ancestors looking on.

and where I’m coming from as it pertains to this Blog and my life outside of its center, which is ART.

I’m think’n i’d like to present my self here as a piece of ‘pie’,   bs pie ~~~just kidding.

A big part of the ‘pie’ is Birding, i’m attuned to the sight and sound of Birds. Its just plain FUN, but i’m a long ways from ‘expert’ birder. (secretly, i’m trying to put the FUN back in Dys*fun*ctional). Birding is actually an Obsession.

i’m really proud to be apart of  my family…sisters, brothers, kids, g-kdz, in-laws, and a G-kd in the oven. Got some sweet wedding pix and DC to share.

Political Pie: i’m a Socialist/democrat/ absolutely indebted to the US Constitution. And i Co-host a Public Access  TV Program! Called The Wobblies Show }Exploring Economic and Social Justice/LIVING WAGE.

We Air Wednesday evenings i mean we are scheduled to air at 5:30 PM but it’s not something Bresnan watchers should set their watch by. Yeah it’s Public Access IF you subscribe to Bresnan (say what)

Its really a fun and exciting show that Jim Del Duca, local Yellowstone County area Industrial Workers of the World Representative and i get to talk/discuss on the TV by golly the articles, bits and pieces you see below.

It’s like another soap box express my… Oh here’s another pic >

WE need to Nationalize the Energy, Health Insurance, Transportation, Banking, abolish the FED and the US Senate.

Israel has no legal right or claim to any Palestinian land before or after the Balfour Declaration November 2nd 1917 . Israel is a Zionist State, hell bent on apartheid and genocide of the entire Palestinian population. They are illegal occupiers and War Criminals.  Zionists owe their illegal existence to the US Tax Payer, to finance their entire lying, stealing, murdering, apartheid, genocidal Zionists ways.

With incredible alacrity ObamaINC/DLC/Neo-Liberal is becoming worse than his Terror ridden compliceteous  secretive Neo-con predecessors.

Capitalism is the Problem.

I’m appalled by racism, state secrets, torture, and nuclear weapons.

Living Wage solves 90 % of present day Economic and Social Justice issues, problems, endeavors,

Cutting the Military Industrial Complex budget severely is imperative to removing Capitalism from our Foreign Policy which is where the problems begin. Abolish the CIA.

End stockholder model/ absentee owner model of Capitalism.

LIVING WAGE is imperative economically based on regional rent rates for survival of the world. No more surplus profits off the backs of Labor.

Campaign Finance Reform – only public budgets can be used in public servant elections. Only voter receipted printout will be allowed with electronic voting.

The Law applies to everyone – Justice Protects Liberty – without justice and accountability democracy is a lie. Wither torture or outing a US operative, lying us into illegal invasions and illegal occupations or much of what ObamaINC is doing it must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law – but if you own the Law you can do what you want.

Another Big Big part of my life is my Grand Kids: Isabel and Sophia.

Thank you for stopping by my Blog and Art Gallery… here’s a pic of my late relatives doing some home decor … safe to say, art,  ‘Runs in the family’ (also my Indian name) …  is alive and moving about on his knuckles from Wall to Wall …

that’s all for now


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  1. Maria Jones says:

    Yes, I can see the resemblance(: !!!!!

  2. i commend you for your perspicuity – the connection and resemblance are inherent … if only i could go back in time… i’d want to chat with the cave painters and sculptors of the day…


    • Dorie says:

      A bit surepisrd it seems to simple and yet useful.

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  3. Wilhelmina says:

    I will be putting this daizzlng insight to good use in no time.

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