Great Horned Owl ~ Bubo virginianus

          What a glorious opportunity this turned out to be after a day up on Meeteesie Trail on the North Face of the Beartooth Mtns awaiting a Hawk migration that never materialized ~ tho we Auduboners had a grand time relaxing in the mtns… i chanced to stop at this new recreation area on the way back along Theil Rd and River Road~  called Sundance Lodge on the Clark’s Fork at the confluence of the Yellowstone River when walking under the canopied trees i spotted a Woodpecker ~ probably a Downey but maybe a Hairy – it started to dance around a tree as i focused on it and WHoooa  it startled this almost 3′ tall Great Horned Owl!

 It flew about 20 yards and lit… where from it was mildly amused by my taking it’s picture … oh the Woodpecker took off !!!

Got some grasses for the Toad Pools  down by the Clark’s Fork and had a sweet time taking this Owl’s pic




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  1. Ed Folkwein says:

    Nice pictures William! You should thank that woodpecker for it’s guide service!


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