Halfbreed National Wildlife Refuge

       Halfbreed National Wildlife Reserve managed by the Charles M. Russel Wildlife National Reserve as a satillite as well others reserves in the area such as Hailstone NWR.  This area hasn’t had this much water in many years…and now its a water fowl bonanza.  It is tragic that the sign is riddled with automatic weapons holes.  


                    This is the view looking Southward to the Beartooth Mtns almost invisible in this pic. As are all of these pix looking southward on a beautiful day.

      Even though this pic is slightly obscured by the vegitation its my best close up  of the American White Pelican so i had to include it in the definition of Halfbreed NWR this Summer 2011

   Let’s not forget the overhead shot … such a thrill to have these and about 35 other White Pelicans filling the air directly above me.

Vesper Sparrows inhabit a rather tallish bush ~ wish i knew the name of the vegitation and the grasses, slowly but surely …anyway this give another panorama of the Halfbreed area.

Off to my left/East a dozen or more  doing their American White Pelican thing.

I was amazed at the variation in grasses, and here in particular a Sage brush i’d never seen before. I had no idea there were so many types of Sage.

This is probably a Melissa Blue or possibly an Arctic Blue.

 A Blue Dragon Fly – there were many dragon and damsel flies – i need a better camera to do them any justice… but for sure they keep the mosquito population in check.

 What would life on the Prairie be without Prairie Dogs. There were a lot of them which is to say Prairie Dog towns are doing well this year;  Which is great for a lot of animals and birds. I saw a Borrowing Owl on a fence post just before entering the reserve which in habit vacant Prairie Dog homes but unfortunately i wasn’t fast enough on the camera trigger.




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  1. Maria Jones says:

    This is absolutely beautiful!

  2. W says:

    Thanks for checking out my Halfbreed NWR adventures…i can’t wait to go back there… and catch a horny toad or two. and ck the Shore Birds returning from the North.

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